• Bactest launches third product Speedy Breedy Seasure!

    Speedy Breedy SeaSure® (SBSS) an integrated ballast water testing solution

  • BACTEST wins £40,000 low-carbon award

    “We’re proud that Shell Springboard supports start-ups like Bactest, who are truly at the leading-edge of the low-carbon economy." ~John MacArthur, Shell Vice President of Gas Technology

  • Case Study: Evaluation of Shepherd Wastewater Management System

    Read all about our sturdy Shepherd at work!

  • BACTEST Named SME of the Year 2014

    "BACTEST is changing the face of the world as we know it, so I feel it is the worthy winner of the Business SME of the Year award." ~ Myleene Klass

Bactest is a venture backed Cambridge UK based company that specialises in turning microbial activity into data that can be used to make management and operational decisions. Bactest has two products Speedy Breedy, a small portable contamination test and Shepherd an Activated Sludge Measuring and Monitoring system.

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