Innovation in Microbiological Testing.

BACTEST has developed and filed intellectual property on a microbial respirometer testing platform CYTOMAIA which has been deployed in a microbial contamination testing product Speedy Breedy. Further products are in development to monitor operating conditions in activated sludge plants to enable water companies to cut both operating costs and carbon emissions.

Monitoring and control

Efficient monitoring of Microbial activity can contribute to improved control of biological processes in many industries, increasing productivity, while reducing costs, energy usage and carbon emissions.

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Latest News

News and Updates

Speedy Breedy Shortlisted for Best Disruptive Technology Business Award
We are pleased to announce that BACTEST - Home of Speedy Breedy has been shortlisted by the UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA*) for the Best Early Stage Investment in a Disruptive Technology Business Award, supported by Technology Strategy Board.
Speedy Breedy Now Able to Monitor Ballast Water
The new upgrade for Speedy Breedy enables it to test for contamination in Ballast Water in accordance with the Ballast Water Treatment Performance Standard (D2) as set out by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).